T-5 Swing - T Mixer for 5 gallons
For mixing liquids that come in sealed
metal or plastic 5 gallon containers.
To remove the lid can be very time
consuming and shorten the shelf life of
the product. By entering the pouring
spout with the
T-5 in the closed
  you get  in the closed
position you get tornado mixing action
without removing the top.   

The mixing head is made out of  
aluminum.  The shaft is 3/8" diameter
steel with an overall length of 23".

T-55 Mixer for 55 gallon drum
1/2" diameter x 36" long shaft.

$143.00 with 3 mixing heads

Also available with 1 or 2 mixing heads.
The 002B mixer comes with 3
mixing heads on a 36" long 5/8"
diameter shaft.  The mixing heads
fit into the bung hole of a drum.  
The height of the mixing blades is
adjustable to your liquid level.

$79.00 with 3 mixing heads
002B 55 Gallon Drum Mixer
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